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Aleph Finance Group: Registration to Plc

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London, August 27th, 2019 - Aleph Finance Group ("Aleph"), the English parent company of Pairstech Capital Management LLP, has formalized the registration from Private to Public Limited Company.

The registration into Plc is a necessary step in the process of listing, which Aleph has decided to undertake, in order to broaden the partnership. The listing is expected over the next few months and will facilitate the collection of new capital to support organic growth and acquisitions being finalized.

CEO Enrico Danieletto declares: "we are very satisfied with this further goal. In recent months, the company, in particular with the involvement of the directors and the administration team of Aleph and with the support of Lawyers. Luca Lo Po 'and Mario Distasi, has worked hard to make this possible. Once again we have demonstrated our ability to anticipate the times within a competitive and rapidly changing sector such as financial services, with a view to building a leading European company ".