Growth Equity Markets as solution to Support SMEs’ Financing Needs and fight global pandemic crisis

From 2020 Pairstech Capital Management LLP, the financial regulated arm of Aleph Finance Group PLC, has become listing sponsor of Euronext.
Euronext is the leading pan-European financial market and stock exchange in the Eurozone, with 1,450+ listed companies in 2020 and worth € 3.8 trillion capitalisation, and by being N1 listing venue for European Tech SMEs’.

Digital Magics enters ViteSicure’s shareholding structure

Digital Magics, the leading Italian Business Incubator, enters the capital of Bridge Insurance Services, the insurance broker owner of viteSicure, the first Italian insurtech dedicated to the online sale of life insurance products.

Web reputation, brand development and the mission of Ealixir

The digital dimension in the life of each of us is increasingly relevant. With the advent of ”social media”, in addition to great opportunities, various problems have also emerged, such as the circulation of unverified or false information that can have enormous consequences in people’s lives.