Web reputation, brand development and the mission of Ealixir

The digital dimension in the life of each of us is increasingly relevant. With the advent of ”social media”, in addition to great opportunities, various problems have also emerged, such as the circulation of unverified or false information that can have enormous consequences in people’s lives.


The digital dimension in the life of each of us is increasingly relevant. With the advent of ”social media”, in addition to great opportunities, various problems have also emerged, such as the circulation of unverified or false information that can have enormous consequences in people’s lives. Ealixir was born in 2018 to respond to this type of need,and it is a world leader in the removal of harmful content from the web. Having already reached a relevant and leader position in the sector, Ealixir has announced the will to raise new capital in equity for USD $5 million, through the emission of 2 mln of shares at USD $2.50, with the aim to consolidate its presence on the market, even through acquisitions.

Ealixir provides its clients the ability to control and edit information posted or otherwise available on the internet by choosing which links appear in an internet search. Ealixir’s mission is to guarantee accurate results in the management of the digital image, by best supporting and assisting their customers. With offices in 28 countries, Ealixir provides 24-hour customer service, a money back satisfaction guarantee, and intends to utilize the increased equity capital to expand its operations into additional countries throughout the world. 

Enea Trevisan, Chief Executive Officer of Ealixir said, “Ealixir’s objective is to help its customers manage their online identity. Our goal is to give people the opportunity to choose the links that appear when someone searches for them on the Internet.  We believe that the successful result of our private offering will satisfy our capital requirements for the foreseeable future and allow us to continue to expand our operations. The capital increase will be functional to the reinforcement of the company’s structure, the enhancement of an advanced software dedicated to management control and to set the negotiations for the acquisition of two target companies that will strengthen the company’s international presence and business model. Once done we look forward to becoming a full reporting company in the US, with our ultimate goal of listing our stock for trading on a national exchange.”

Financial Analysis

Considering the data extrapolated from Ealixir’s consolidated financial statements, a remarkably positive economic-financial situation emerges. In fact, it is possible to report a clear growth trend in the two-year period 2018/19. From the following table, which summarizes the main balance sheet items, it is possible to realize the extent of the company’s production potential.

The profitability index relative to the profit margin per unit of turnover (EBITDA/turnover) stands at 28.5%, the symptomatic value of a winning business formula, a company that excels in its sector.

Sales growth forecasts show an important trend, with progressively higher increases. Among the various projects of Ealixir it is useful to observe Ealixir Story, which is responsible for large volumes of business, with growth peaks estimated at over 100% per annum and Project Reputation Score, with less net but nevertheless significant growth rates. Also the other business units are assumed to grow gradually more marked.

Faced with an increase in the value of production of 421.5%, production costs grew by 327.2%, resulting in costs increased less than proportionally, as a result of excellent management, able to generate an added value that went from $246,387 in 2018 to $2,075,418 in 2019.

With reference to the main budgetary indicators, the ROE is, with a value of 33.1% in 2020, significantly higher than the average and the values deemed symptomatic of a satisfactory performance (greater than 6%). The ROI is generally considered positive if its value is greater than 15.0%: even in this, Ealixir boasts a first-rate position in the market, with over 37.0% in 2020.

Finally, the ROS, considered appreciable for values higher than 13.0%, and reflecting the company’s commercial performance, assessing the average profit margin per unit of turnover, stands at 30.2% in 2020, confirming how solid is the economic reality of Ealixir.

Depending on the parameters set out, highly positive ratings are assigned to both profitability and liquidity indicators, leading to an excellent overall assessment. The overall assessment of the company is more than positive.

The growth forecasts for EBITDA are even more encouraging, with peaks in percentage increases over 70% per annum in the five-year period 2020-24.

Ealixir’s services 

As said previously, the idea behind Ealixir is to give people and companies the ability to choose the links that appear when someone searches for them on Google. It is precisely in this perspective that Ealixir’s services are configured, inspired by solid values ​​such as respect for customers and regulations, efficiency and effectiveness, moral integrity, confidentiality and protection of sensitive data.

  • Removal consists in the elimination of negative news present on the network, protecting the right to be Forgotten in the countries where it exists and in compliance with the regulations regarding data protection and privacy. Through an in-depth search, the harmful contents are identified and their definitive removal is carried out.
  • Newsdelete is aimed at solving problems related to financial reputation. The contents present in the black lists are identified, and the harmful data are deleted from the search engines. It should be noted that Ealixir Newsdelete is the only service in the world that allows you to remove names from the World Check, unless you are a politically exposed person.
  • WEBID draws up detailed reports on the health of a digital identity, and identifies the actions to be carried out in order to build, improve or change its positioning. Ealixir is able to monitor content and conversation on over 90 million sources, thanks to their web listening platform.
  • Story offers the customer the opportunity to take control of the narration of their digital identity, thanks to the Ealixir network which has more than 500 journalists and 1200 international magazines in over 30 countries. Tailor-made editorial plans are carried out, and articles are drafted concerning the individual or company, ensuring their publication in various newspapers.

Ealixir is the only company on the market that is able to offer such a wide and complete range of services in the sector.

In addition, Ealixir has a high-level team. The Board of Directors is made up of Enea Angelo Trevisan as CEO and founder of Ealixir; Danila Pisati as President; and Francesco as Director. The supervision of the Ethics Committee chaired by Antonio Valentini, former President of the Central Bank of San Marino, should also be emphasized.

Growth trend in the sector of web reputation and development of the right of Reservation.

The period within 2015 and 2020 has been characterized by a constant growth in the use of technologies and digital, the most recent reports at a global level announce in fact an increase of 75% in the number of “connected” people, reaching an amount of 4.5 billions of users (58.4% of the global population) with an estimated growth factor of 1 million of new internet users every day.

At the category level smartphones dominate the usage of web: they are expected to reach the drive of 80% of the online traffic, currently users spend 69% of their “media time” right on these devices. During the last quarter of 2019 there has been a decrease of 3.14% in the number of available apps with regard to the previous quarter, probably caused by stringent measures held by Apple from a security point of view to avoid fraud during the usage.

In this “hyper connected” society, the web has become a necessary and needful instrument for both the private and professional life of everyone: indeed, it is the main source used to search for information regarding individuals and companies.

The “web reputation” of every firm and private has become therefore fundamental, since not truthful communications and data may compromise the reputation and credibility of one or the other, with serious consequences for the firm’s activities.

Ealixir is born with the objective of providing its clients the control and edit of the information present on the web that appear from internet’s researches. Though, they don’t define themselves as a “web reputation company” due to the fact that they have subverted the model utilized by the firms operating in the sector. Enea Trevisan, CEO, sustains in fact that their aim is to, first of all, be the one to give the opportunity to people to choose which links appear when a search about them happens on the internet.

As guarantee and protection of their work it stands the right to be Forgotten, that is configured as the right to cancel of their data in an enhanced form, exercise this right means in fact protect the reputation of the interested person involved in public domain affairs, leveraging the right to privacy, as established by the European Court of Luxembourg in 2014, as a result of an instance promoted by the Spanish Supreme Court.

In confirmation of the strong growth trend, not only the usage of Internet and the consequent diffusion of not coherent news for the owned brand or person, but even the development of the right of Confidentiality, since 2014 to the present, the number of URL whose has been required the cancellation to Google is 3.8 million. The potential reachable market is immense, but still, almost unexplored.

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